Rice and Coconut Beans @ kyheo Restaurant

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My Take: Now, this place surprised me, I was really hungry and I literally walked into the first restaurant I saw. Looking at the menu and the prices, I did not expect much, but I was pleasantly surprised by how good the food was. There was soft rock music playing in the background, a friendly waiter and dim lighting, it was perfect. The manager was around attending to the customers to find out if they were ok. We chatted a little and she informed me that they offer free delivery and they have free bitings on Friday evenings. Yaay! \o/

Desc: Rice and Beans (cooked in coconut)

Price: Ksh. 200

Location: Kyheo Restaurant, Hurlingham Shopping Center  (View on Map)


4 thoughts on “Rice and Coconut Beans @ kyheo Restaurant

  1. very true.
    i think i will pick one post and make sure i go to the place before looking at other posts.
    or else i will get too intrigued and really confused when making my next schedule ……THE SYMPTOMS HAVE ALREADY STARTED 🙂

    but will still say, ‘Awesome blog!’


  2. I have tried making the reverse of this recipe: coconut rice and some nice bean stew and it was delicious ❤

    I really have to taste this one, am sure it will take me to heaven and drop me back to earth for more 😛


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