Buttered Chicken,Biriani, Mshikaki @ Diamond Plaza


My Take: I’ve always loved Indian Cuisine, maybe coz am a spicy fella like dat ;)…*moving on*… The absolute best place to try out this cuisine is the Diamond Plaza food court. There are about 10 different food joints with a large range of Indian delicacies at reasonable prices, definitely no shortage of new things to tantalize your taste buds. Be sure to try out the buttered chicken & Naan – one of my favourites, you’ll absolutely love it! Two things to watch out for though :-

  1. Even if you think you can handle spicy food – you have no idea! be careful with what you order, make sure its mild.
  2. With all those food joints in one place, there is mad competition for customers, you WILL be almost literally covered in menus

Desc: Buttered Chicken, Biriyani, Mshikaki, Naan

Price:  Mshikaki: Ksh.450, Biriyani: Ksh.500, Buttered Chicken and Naan: Ksh. 550

Location: Diamond Plaza, Parklands, Nairobi  (View on Map)


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