Chicken wraps, Fish curry and Milkshake @ Kaldi’s Restaurant

2014-01-12 09.18.56


My Take: I liked the Fish curry so much, had to do it again. Their milkshakes are really nice too and so is the lemonade. Their wraps were more like sandwiches (meaning, you just taste the lettuce and cucumber and nothing else) so I dint care much for them. I still insist that this is another Java,  but its not like that a bad thing…I think I like Kaldi’s..just not the way the place gets full and you have to share tables 😦

Desc: Fish curry, fries, milkshake, lemonade, chicken wraps

Price: Lemonade: Ksh.200, Fish Curry: Ksh.600, Milkshake: Ksh.300, Chicken wraps: Ksh450

Location: Kaldis cafe, Nairobi CBD, Next to Ronalo’s, Kimathi street (View on Map)


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