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My Take: So..a friend and I were walking home after work and decided to use an alternative route. We came to a bakery that she had spotted the day before and derailed me to go in and check it out. Apparently is a bakery that is famous for its cupcake weddings (more on that later). We sampled four of their cupcakes: Vanilla, Carrot, Chocolate and Red Velvet.

Our take on the four: Vanilla was Great!, Chocolate was nice, Red Velvet was ok, though it had a slightly bitter/cough syrup after taste maybe because of food colour? Carrot was ok with a slightly earthy taste, my friend says it needed a bit more cinnamon and nutmeg as they are the heart of a carrot cake – She’s a cake expert.

Now to the cupcake wedding – make cupcakes in the flavour of the main wedding cake and all the guests get to eat a significant piece of the cake as opposed to the tiny pre-packs guys are used to (now you know!). Before I forget – Buy 2 cup cakes get 1 free

Desc: Cupcakes

Price: Ksh. 80 per cupcake

Location:, 4959 Kindaruma Rd, Hurlingham (View on Map)


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