Pizza @ Naked Pizza

2014-01-14 15.58.06

My Take: I had heard a lot of hullabaloo about Naked Pizza, but I had personally not been there. So one Tuesday afternoon, a friend and I decided to drop in and see what all the fuss was about. The place has got a modern feel to it – one of those places you want to hang out on those lazy afternoons with your laptop. Their menu was a bit confusing at first, I couldn’t decide on what to order, so I just asked for what guys order most – that’s the omnivore pizza. The pizza comes either with thin crust or thick… I had the thick. The crust was Ok, but what really makes pizza is the toppings, and that’s where I went wrong. The black olives and mushrooms gave the pizza a really funkie taste for me, even after removing them. Good thing is that they allow you to custom make your own pizza, so i’ll def do that the next time.
Note: The reason it’s called Naked is because all their ingredients are natural

Desc: Omnivore Pizza – beef pepperoni, beef hamburger, Turkey Ham, mixed pepper, mushrooms, black olives

Price: Large: Ksh.1000

Location: Naked Pizza, Westlands (View on Map)


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