Fish and Rice & Java Coffee House


2014-12-07 17.35.38


My Take: If you’ve followed this blog for a while, you may know that one of the reasons I love Java Coffee House is the service, always exceptional!! The ambiance at every Java Coffee House is also very tasteful (IMO) and gives a homely feel – well, if you can ignore the chatter from the random people around you. On this Sunday, I was out for lunch with the 2 most important ladies in my life, my Mom and the lovely B aka Mrs. Me, we had a great time at Java, The Junction. I had the lamu fish – Best I’ve had so far, B had the chicken wings ( I withhold any comment on the wings, the portion was just laughable), Mom had the English-style fish, which was pretty good (I’ll review it once I’ve tried it myself, though the one served at Saape is great, check out the review here)… Try out the Lamu fish, you’ll love it!

Desc: Fish cooked in coconut served with rice and salsa

Price:  Lamu Coconut Fish: Ksh. 800 (approx)

Location: Java Coffee House, The Junction (View on Map)


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