Wedges and Hot Wings @ ArtCaffe

TEMP1 My Take: Believe it or not, this was my first time to eat at any Artcaffe, not my first time to be in one though. The first I went to was at The Junction, after about 20min of zero attention from the waiters, I walked out and went to the Java next door. Needless to say after that experience and the brouhaha about the croissant incident, I was hesitant to ever go to one. Anywho, I found myself at Karen shopping centre and with the urge to buy my girl lunch (she doesn’t do the stool and mirror joints, she classy like that). Artcaffe at Crossroads Karen was my best option, had been to Big Square already (note to self: post a review on Big Square). Yes, now, the short of it, I loved the experience…the service was exceptional – Is it me or are all the waiters at every Artcaffe hot as hell!!!like their motto is “Be fly,stay fly or go home”. Sorry, I digress, the chicken wings were the best I’ve had..yet, just the right amount of spicy, soft and succulent..The wedges were excellent too…I mean, one has to really try to screw up potatoes, right? All in all, my outlook on Artcaffe changed today – It was a good day. I recommend you try the chicken wings

Desc: Wedges and Chicken Wings

Price:  Wedges: Approx Ksh.250, Wings: Approx. Ksh. 700

Location: The Artcaffe, Karen (View on Map)


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