Biriani and Arosto @ Noma Caffe

2015-04-23 12.17.27 PICTURES1


My Take: “Noma Caffe”, that name has been popping up in my Swarm notifications for the longest time, with many of my friends checking in ever so often. I finally found the place, located on Banda Street of Koinange Street, with the entrance being in an alley-looking lane. Admittedly the entrance could be better placed and I’m sure they don’t get as many clients as the ubiquitous Java because of it. Enough with the hating, once you get inside the restaurant, it looks pretty good, got that coffee shop look with the booths and that ohh so lovely smell of fresh brewed coffee 🙂 .

To the food…We had the biriani and the arosto…The waiter was quite friendly and recommended the Arosto, which, well…wasn’t the best I have had but was pretty decent, the biriani was good too, though Al-Yusra do better on both dishes(of course IMHO).

Verdict: A place I will definitely frequent probably for the coffee or juice, ahh, yes, the juice…try tree tomato juice, mixed with passion or mango… freaking awesome!

Desc: Biriani and Arosto served with Veg rice

Price:  Approx Ksh. 500 per meal, about Ksh.200 for juice

Location: Noma Cafe, Banda Street, Nairobi CBD (View on Map)


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