Camel and Lavender Rice @ Lavender Restaurant

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My Take:Yes, you read the title right…Camel meat…who knew, right?! OK, maybe Camel meat is a delicacy in some part of the world, but I in a million years would have never thought of slaughtering those beasts for meat. So, my lovely Mrs and I came across this restaurant along Kindaruma road (and something needs to be done about the state of that road, Christ!!), its one of those places where the owner got too rich for the neighbourhood, moved out and turn the home into a restaurant. It’s quite a large property, with the rooms in the main house serving as private dinning dens…You’ll love them if you are into the Arabic, “let’s seat on some pillows on the floor, cross our legs and eat” scene, we prefer the conventional restaurant scene – yea, I guess we boring, whatever. At the front, there is a tent set up with tables and chairs, for guys like us, we chose to have our meal from there…Know what? Am tired of trying to describe the place… To the food… Camel meat served with Lavender rice…Loved it. The camel meat is not as tough as one would think, of course it’s not as soft as the lamp in arosto, it’s just right. Doesn’t taste too foreign either, closest I can describe it is goat meat, the rice was also good, hasn’t been cooked in like Lavender or anything, I think its just a name, might be wrong though. All in all, we enjoyed the meal, recommend you try out the place.

Desc: Camel meat and Lavender rice

Price:  Camel meat : Approx Ksh.800, Rice: Approx. Ksh. 300

Location: Lavender Restaurant, Hurlinghum (View on Map)


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