Whats This About

Dear Reader,

I go by the name Krom11 (long story about how that came about…well, not really…) I’m just a guy who loves food and sharing his experiences with the world. I try to go to as many restaurants as my meager earnings will allow, nothing too ostentatious or pretentious, just the usual ‘kawaida’ places, I take some pics and post them here.

I am not a writer, so if you are here for a good read, joke’s on you. I might accidentally write a nice paragraph or two, but that’s mere luck, I’m keeping my day job!! TheFoodistBlog is all about Tasty pics, info about the restaurants serving them, the prices and of course whether its worth the bite or not (IMHO).

Disclaimer: TheFoodistBlog is NOT a guide to healthy eating!! I’m not a salad guy, neither am I a sandwich guy (sorry Subway) my definition of healthy eating is…hmmm…I’ll have to get back to this…

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