Hard Rock Cafe, Nigeria

My Take: One of the very first joints I visited during my stay in Lagos was Hard Rock Cafe. I’ve heard so many references about this American Restaurant, I was super excited to check it out. I loved the restaurant theme with the Rock and Roll Memorabilia hanging on the walls. I especially loved the outdoor area, that’s adjacent to the beach, over looking the Atlantic Ocean. Very nice place to soak up the sun and enjoy a nice cold beer. They occasionally invite guest Djs on Weekend nights and the place get’s lit 🔥. Definitely a  must visit when in Nigeria.

Location: Victoria island, Lagos (View on Map)

Chicken Wraps @ Chicken Inn


My Take: It might not be the typical restaurant you’d expect me to post on, but, there’s just something about the Chicken wraps at Chicken Inn that’s got me hooked (I think they sprinkle some certain white powder 😉  somebody cue in 🎵🎵”I’m in ❤️ with the coco”🎵🎵, coz am seriously addicted to those wraps) Try them out spicy 😋

Price: Ksh. 350

Location: Near you

Burger and Fries @ Java Coffee House

My Take: I guess you can never go wrong with Burger and fries. It would take quite some effort to screw up something so simple, but that doesn’t mean that all places have the same quality, some do it better than other, one of those places is Java, my wife loves their burgers. Give it a try, guarantee you will not regret, they are served with a choice of fries or salad, or fruits…I think

Desc: Burger and Fries

Price: Ksh. 600 (Approx)

Location: Almost literally everywhere you turn in Nairobi 🙂

BBQ Ribs @ Newscafe


My Take: Pretty cool place to hang out. You’ll probably run into some minor celebrities here, your local news anchor perhaps or the socialite you’ve been stalking on IG. The ambiance is modern, I guess what some would call bourgeois? Kept it simple with fries and pork chops which were really good! As this is a late post (really late) can’t recall much about the food but I know I was not disappointed. The service was exemplary, the ambiance on point and the food/portions were good as well. Definitely a place i would frequent

Desc: Fries and Pork Chops

Location: AdLife Plaza, Ring Road, Opp Yaya Center (View on Maps)

Fish Curry and Chicken Wings @ Artlantis


My Take: If you’ve been to “Tea Spot”, that coffee/tea place that used to be on Koinange street, well, it’s no longer there. In it’s place, Artlantis. I like the name, sounds so posh and rolls off the tongue quite nicely, especially for those who picked up an american accent over-night without ever leaving the country.

Artlantis is an awesome place to chill, its a coffee house (and the city has sooo many of them these days) with the couch booths and all. Makes for a great place for a casual or even professional..ish hangout.

I especially love the lighting, kinda subtle, not blinding like what you’d find at some fast food joints around town (you honestly need your stunnaz on to enter some of these joints). Like most coffee houses in town, the food is…uhmmm…I’d like to say average, but that would come-off like a bad thing. The food is actually really good – like really, though nothing soooo mind-blowingly awesome that you’ll one day tell your grand children about, but good enough that you’ll visit the place again. Average – the good kind.

Desc: Fries and Chicken wings, Rice and Fish Curry

Price:  Approx Ksh. 600 per meal, about Ksh.200 for juice

Location: Artlantis, Koinange Street, Nairobi CBD (View on Map)


Biriani and Arosto @ Noma Caffe

2015-04-23 12.17.27 PICTURES1


My Take: “Noma Caffe”, that name has been popping up in my Swarm notifications for the longest time, with many of my friends checking in ever so often. I finally found the place, located on Banda Street of Koinange Street, with the entrance being in an alley-looking lane. Admittedly the entrance could be better placed and I’m sure they don’t get as many clients as the ubiquitous Java because of it. Enough with the hating, once you get inside the restaurant, it looks pretty good, got that coffee shop look with the booths and that ohh so lovely smell of fresh brewed coffee 🙂 .

To the food…We had the biriani and the arosto…The waiter was quite friendly and recommended the Arosto, which, well…wasn’t the best I have had but was pretty decent, the biriani was good too, though Al-Yusra do better on both dishes(of course IMHO).

Verdict: A place I will definitely frequent probably for the coffee or juice, ahh, yes, the juice…try tree tomato juice, mixed with passion or mango… freaking awesome!

Desc: Biriani and Arosto served with Veg rice

Price:  Approx Ksh. 500 per meal, about Ksh.200 for juice

Location: Noma Cafe, Banda Street, Nairobi CBD (View on Map)

Wedges and Hot Wings @ ArtCaffe

TEMP1 My Take: Believe it or not, this was my first time to eat at any Artcaffe, not my first time to be in one though. The first I went to was at The Junction, after about 20min of zero attention from the waiters, I walked out and went to the Java next door. Needless to say after that experience and the brouhaha about the croissant incident, I was hesitant to ever go to one. Anywho, I found myself at Karen shopping centre and with the urge to buy my girl lunch (she doesn’t do the stool and mirror joints, she classy like that). Artcaffe at Crossroads Karen was my best option, had been to Big Square already (note to self: post a review on Big Square). Yes, now, the short of it, I loved the experience…the service was exceptional – Is it me or are all the waiters at every Artcaffe hot as hell!!!like their motto is “Be fly,stay fly or go home”. Sorry, I digress, the chicken wings were the best I’ve had..yet, just the right amount of spicy, soft and succulent..The wedges were excellent too…I mean, one has to really try to screw up potatoes, right? All in all, my outlook on Artcaffe changed today – It was a good day. I recommend you try the chicken wings

Desc: Wedges and Chicken Wings

Price:  Wedges: Approx Ksh.250, Wings: Approx. Ksh. 700

Location: The Artcaffe, Karen (View on Map)