Ugali na Nyama @Road House Karen

My Take:¬†I’ll admit my first impression of the place wasn’t that good, I thought it looked rather ‘local’ for a joint in Karen. When I was first told about Road House Karen, I had pictured something totally different. Something similar to Pamba, Fogo Gaucho or those other Brazilian steak houses. Don’t get me wrong, am not hating on the place, I actually did ended up enjoying my time there, just that I had initially envisioned something different. Now, to the food…I cannot remember a place where I’ve had Choma done that good!! Most places are over-hyped and serve more bones than meat, or serve those nasty, fatty cuts of meat, but no, not this place. Both the Choma and the Beef Fry were ūüíĮ¬†‘magnifique’ , hands down the best meat I’ve had this year. The drinks are also really affordable – local beers going for about Ksh.180¬†‚úÖ¬†‚úÖ¬†. I actually dare ¬†anyone to find a cheaper joint in Karen. Had a good time and enjoyed the food, a very nice place for hanging out with the boys for Choma and drinks

Location: Darosa Plaza, Karen Road (View on Map)


Mixed Grill @ Under the Radar (UTR)

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2014-11-19 08.58.58


My Take:¬†Hurlingham has some really nice food joints, one of them being, Under the Radar. Yes, it doesn’t sound like your conventional restaurant name… going ‘Under the radar’ sounds like one is about to get into¬†cloak and dagger mode, but I personally like the name. I like the location too, lots of trees and greenery around. They’ve got gazebos where you can have your meal from, I have to say, the ambience is pretty sweet. I liked their service, the waiters are friendly and pretty fast with the orders and once the food gets to the table, its not disappointing. We had the mixed grill (lamb chop, chicken, steak, sausage and fries), all the meats were well done, soft, juicy and tasty too :-P.

Desc: Lamb chop, chicken, steak, sausage and fries

Price: Mixed Grill: Ksh.1400

Location: Under the Radar, Hurlingham (View on Map)

Ugali and Fish/Beef Stew @ Da Place

2013-12-13 15.53.16

2013-12-13 15.50.39

My Take:¬†So finally took a road trip to Kisumu (read Kisum) City, and you know what they say, “when in Rome…” The fish was as tasty as it looks, but took forever to eat the damn thing, watching out for all those bones and all, was worth it though, #teamFillet for life \o

Desc: Fish, Ugali and Sukuma

Price: Ksh. 250

Location: Da Place, Kisumu  (View on Map)