Burger and Fries @ Java Coffee House

My Take: I guess you can never go wrong with Burger and fries. It would take quite some effort to screw up something so simple, but that doesn’t mean that all places have the same quality, some do it better than other, one of those places is Java, my wife loves their burgers. Give it a try, guarantee you will not regret, they are served with a choice of fries or salad, or fruits…I think

Desc: Burger and Fries

Price: Ksh. 600 (Approx)

Location: Almost literally everywhere you turn in Nairobi 🙂


Chicken Fajitas @Java

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My Take: This is hands-down, my favorite meal at Java Coffee House, I’m surprise I’ve taken this long to post it. This is one Mexican dish you just have to try. Their burgers and fries are great too. The service at any Java Coffee House is always good, no matter how busy it gets.(word!!)

Desc: Chicken Fajita (Rice, Beans, Chicken Strips, Guacamole,2 Tortillas)

Price: Chicken Fajita: Ksh.800, Burger & Fries: Ksh.600

Location: Java Coffee House, The Junction (View on Map)

Pilau, burger and fries @ Iliki Restaurant

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2014-01-05 16.10.30

My Take: The Greenhouse is a nice place to hang on those lazy Sunday afternoons. There are several restaurants on the ground floor, one of them being Iliki restaurant. It’s a swahili restaurant and the menu features a variety of swahili dishes. We had the pilau, which IMO was just ok. The burger and the fries were good, though not memorable. They’ve got good setting on the ground floor and their service is good.

Desc: Pilau, Burger, Fries

Price: Pilau: Ksh.450, Burger and Fries: Ksh.350

Location: Iliki Restaurant, The Greenhouse, Ngong Road  (View on Map)