Fried Rice @ Cake Plaza


My Take: Ok, I know, I know, enough with the fried rice…But I loooove the fried rice here!! This is undoubtedly the one meal I can order over and over, and in my humble opinion, Cake Plaza still make it best. I like it with extra pepper and extra soy sauce, yummy!!! i might actually pass by there after this article. Wow!! and I always wash it down with a cold coke and lemon. #KwaRahaZangu

Desc: Chicken Fried Rice

Price: Ksh. 400 (Approx)

Location: Mugo Kabiru Road off Ngong Road (View on Map)


Fruit salad @cake plaza

2013-07-01 15.07.08

2013-07-01 15.08.14

My Take: Best fruits salad and great value for price, the fruits are fresh and juicy, real good for dessert and the quantity is great too
Desc: A variety of fruits (strawberries, seedless grapes, bananas, apples etc) served with a scoop of ice-cream, honey, yoghurt or peanuts
Price: Ksh. 350
Location: Cake Plaza (View on Map)