Fish and Ugali @Kosewe’s (Ronalo’s Restaurant)

My Take: Ugali is considered to be the ultimate Kenyan dish, served with meat and vegetables, some would call it the staple food of Kenyans. One of the best places to enjoy Ugali, especially with fish and traditional vegetables is undoubtedly Ronalo’s restaurant located in the heart of the Nairobi CBD. Its famous for its tasty fish and generous quantities.
Price:ApproxKsh. 500
Location: Kimathi Street, Nairobi. (View on Map)


Fish Curry and Chicken Wings @ Artlantis


My Take: If you’ve been to “Tea Spot”, that coffee/tea place that used to be on Koinange street, well, it’s no longer there. In it’s place, Artlantis. I like the name, sounds so posh and rolls off the tongue quite nicely, especially for those who picked up an american accent over-night without ever leaving the country.

Artlantis is an awesome place to chill, its a coffee house (and the city has sooo many of them these days) with the couch booths and all. Makes for a great place for a casual or even professional..ish hangout.

I especially love the lighting, kinda subtle, not blinding like what you’d find at some fast food joints around town (you honestly need your stunnaz on to enter some of these joints). Like most coffee houses in town, the food is…uhmmm…I’d like to say average, but that would come-off like a bad thing. The food is actually really good – like really, though nothing soooo mind-blowingly awesome that you’ll one day tell your grand children about, but good enough that you’ll visit the place again. Average – the good kind.

Desc: Fries and Chicken wings, Rice and Fish Curry

Price:  Approx Ksh. 600 per meal, about Ksh.200 for juice

Location: Artlantis, Koinange Street, Nairobi CBD (View on Map)


NRW2015 @ Thorn Tree, Sarova Stanley

Sarova Thorn Tree

My Take: If you’ve been to the Stanley, then you know that they take pride in their history. I love the way everything from their furniture, wall hangings, cutlery look antique, well…apart from the state of the art security system at the Valet. Thorn tree restaurant is on the ground floor, it has a nice outdoor..ish area with an actual thorn tree growing in the middle of the restaurant. Although its located in the CBD, they’ve tried to give the place a serene feeling, if you can ignore the honking of matatus on the street outside. The service, as expected was top notch and so was the food, the marinated red snapper on creamed spinach was delicious and the portion was filling, something I did not expect. I liked the place so much, I decided I’d eat there more often…until I saw the prices on their regular A la carte menu 😮 … maybe I’ll try once a year.

Desc: Starter: Avocado and mango torte with a tangy mint dressing. Main: Lime and dill marinated red snapper on creamed spinach served with Fried rosemary potatoes and tomato caper sauce

Price:  Ksh. 1500 for a 2 course lunch (#NRW2015 Price)

Location: Thorn Tree, Sarova Stanley, Nairobi CBD,(View on Map)