BBQ Ribs @ Newscafe


My Take: Pretty cool place to hang out. You’ll probably run into some minor celebrities here, your local news anchor perhaps or the socialite you’ve been stalking on IG. The ambiance is modern, I guess what some would call bourgeois? Kept it simple with fries and pork chops which were really good! As this is a late post (really late) can’t recall much about the food but I know I was not disappointed. The service was exemplary, the ambiance on point and the food/portions were good as well. Definitely a place i would frequent

Desc: Fries and Pork Chops

Location: AdLife Plaza, Ring Road, Opp Yaya Center (View on Maps)

Mixed Grill @ Under the Radar (UTR)

2014-11-18 17.28.16-1
2014-11-19 08.58.58


My Take: Hurlingham has some really nice food joints, one of them being, Under the Radar. Yes, it doesn’t sound like your conventional restaurant name… going ‘Under the radar’ sounds like one is about to get into cloak and dagger mode, but I personally like the name. I like the location too, lots of trees and greenery around. They’ve got gazebos where you can have your meal from, I have to say, the ambience is pretty sweet. I liked their service, the waiters are friendly and pretty fast with the orders and once the food gets to the table, its not disappointing. We had the mixed grill (lamb chop, chicken, steak, sausage and fries), all the meats were well done, soft, juicy and tasty too :-P.

Desc: Lamb chop, chicken, steak, sausage and fries

Price: Mixed Grill: Ksh.1400

Location: Under the Radar, Hurlingham (View on Map)

Fish fillet and Rice @Silverpool Restaurant

2014-09-29 13.42.10


My Take: Its surprising even to me that I have taken this long to post anything from Silverpool restaurant. I restaurant located literally located less than 50 meters from my work place. The place is not very busy, which for me is a good thing – the service is fast. The chef who is my name sake 😉 makes really good pork chops and everything else on the menu is always well done. I had fish fillet on this day and it was not disappointing, twas crispy, yet soft and rich with flavour. Enjoyed it while watching an episode of South Park on my laptop seated outside (read bliss!)

Desc: Fish Fillet, Rice and Veg

Price: Ksh. 380

Location: Silverpool Restuarant, Hurlingham (View on Map)

NRW2014 @ Sierra Brasserie

2014-02-12 12.36.23
2014-02-04 18.24.20

My Take: This was the first restaurant on my list for the Nairobi Restaurant Week (NRW2014). I’ve always wanted to eat at Sierra but for some reason I found the place a bit intimidating, even though I’ve been to other classy…ish joints. We sat at the Terrace (Beer Garden) which had a good view of the street below. The place had a ‘Brew Bistro’ kinda feel to it, I guess maybe coz of the signature beers available. The service was ok and the food didn’t take to long to arrive. I will reserve my comments on the food, am sure someone somewhere – probably France, would really have enjoyed it, but it was just too foreign for me 😦


  • Starter: Pea and mint soup – grilled bacon, bacon cream, garlic croutons
  • Main: Slow cooked pork belly – ginger red wine reduction, creamed potatoes, crispy onions
  • Dessert: Vanilla rice pudding – white chocolate custard, rhubarb and strawberry compote

Price: kshs.1250*

Location: Sierra Brasserie, Yaya Center, Hurlingham (View on Map)

Link to Eatout Kenya

*Special Price for Nairobi Restaurant Week

NRW2014 @ Oro Lounge

2014-02-12 13.10.52

2014-02-11 18.39.02
My Take: One thing you’ll love about Oro is the Ambience, the place is quite impressive and so is the service. The food was exquisite, Mutua’s dhahabu Chicken is a very creative dish, chicken infused with Mango – who would have thought…This is just a place you have to try for yourself. Excellent, ’nuff said


  • Starter: Potato & pea gakonia – crumbed potato and pea served with peanut sauce
  • Main: Mutua’s Dhahabu Chicken – fried chicken infused with Mango chutney served with a trio of mash and creamed traditional greens
  • Dessert: Ice cream

Price: kshs.1250*

Location: Oro Restaurant and Lounge, Suite Life Apartments, Hurlingham (View on Map)

Link to Eatout Kenya

*Special Price for Nairobi Restaurant Week

Pepper Steak, Chicken Poussin @ The Blues

2014-01-12 09.21.37

My Take: For me, The Blues is one of those places you pass by everyday but have no idea it exist. It’s located next to the Kenol Petrol Station at Hurlingham but you can hardly notice it, its rather dullish – but hey, its called ‘The Blues’, the name is totally befitting. A friend says they have the best pepper steak around so, yours truly had to find out if this is true. Well, ladies and gents… they have GREAT pepper steak, well done and they are not stingy with the sauce either. We also had the Chicken Poussin which was also good but I’d recommend the place for Steak lovers out there. You can also get a double shot of Grants for just Ksh. 200 :).

Desc: Pepper steak, Rice, Chicken Poussin, Fries

Price: Chicken Poussin: Ksh.450, Pepper Steak: Ksh.470

Location: The Blues, Hurlingham (View on Map)

Cup cakes @

2014-01-09 21.16.24

My Take: So..a friend and I were walking home after work and decided to use an alternative route. We came to a bakery that she had spotted the day before and derailed me to go in and check it out. Apparently is a bakery that is famous for its cupcake weddings (more on that later). We sampled four of their cupcakes: Vanilla, Carrot, Chocolate and Red Velvet.

Our take on the four: Vanilla was Great!, Chocolate was nice, Red Velvet was ok, though it had a slightly bitter/cough syrup after taste maybe because of food colour? Carrot was ok with a slightly earthy taste, my friend says it needed a bit more cinnamon and nutmeg as they are the heart of a carrot cake – She’s a cake expert.

Now to the cupcake wedding – make cupcakes in the flavour of the main wedding cake and all the guests get to eat a significant piece of the cake as opposed to the tiny pre-packs guys are used to (now you know!). Before I forget – Buy 2 cup cakes get 1 free

Desc: Cupcakes

Price: Ksh. 80 per cupcake

Location:, 4959 Kindaruma Rd, Hurlingham (View on Map)