Fried Rice @ Cake Plaza


My Take: Ok, I know, I know, enough with the fried rice…But I loooove the fried rice here!! This is undoubtedly the one meal I can order over and over, and in my humble opinion, Cake Plaza still make it best. I like it with extra pepper and extra soy sauce, yummy!!! i might actually pass by there after this article. Wow!! and I always wash it down with a cold coke and lemon. #KwaRahaZangu

Desc: Chicken Fried Rice

Price: Ksh. 400 (Approx)

Location: Mugo Kabiru Road off Ngong Road (View on Map)


Chicken @ Steak n’ Ale Restaurant

2014-10-05 06.38.54
2014-09-28 15.25.41

My Take: You know those Sundays when you want to just have a laid back afternoon, sipping on a few cold ones while trying not to think about the Monday a few a hours away?Stake n’ Ale might just be the place you want to do that, if you are on Ngong road with a modest…ish budget. The wet fry chicken is simply delicious, am sure you already salivating at the pics – unless you one of those vegetarian type,errgghh!! Try it out one afternoon, its also a ‘polite’ place for some drinks at night.

Desc: Wet Fry Chicken, Fries, Heineken

Price: Chicken: Ksh.600, Beer: Ksh.250

Location: Steak n’ Ale, Ngong Rd (View on Map)

Pilau, burger and fries @ Iliki Restaurant

2014-01-05 16.06.20
2014-01-05 16.10.30

My Take: The Greenhouse is a nice place to hang on those lazy Sunday afternoons. There are several restaurants on the ground floor, one of them being Iliki restaurant. It’s a swahili restaurant and the menu features a variety of swahili dishes. We had the pilau, which IMO was just ok. The burger and the fries were good, though not memorable. They’ve got good setting on the ground floor and their service is good.

Desc: Pilau, Burger, Fries

Price: Pilau: Ksh.450, Burger and Fries: Ksh.350

Location: Iliki Restaurant, The Greenhouse, Ngong Road  (View on Map)