Lunch @The Afghan, The Hub

My Take: I love the name, The Afghan, how did they even come up with that for a restaurant name? When most people think Afghanistan, bombs and Osama come to mind, not restaurant. It’s a unique name, and be-fitting as well, they have Afghani cuisine. The ‘restaurant’ is located at The Hub, Karen, I used the quotes because it’s a food court really, not your usual restaurant. They share the court space with a Chinese place and I believe a few others have opened up. From the food court, you get a nice view of The Hub’s ‘backyard’ which has beautiful landscaping. Oh, the food, can’t recall exactly what we had…Rice, Naan, some Afghani Chicken – I think

Location: The Hub, Karen (View on Map)


Lunch @ Artisan Restaurant, Sankara

My Take: Wifey hooked us up with a complimentary lunch for 2 at the Artisan Restaurant, Sankara! Located at the heart of Westlands, The Sankara hotel is known for it’s class and 5 star service, our experience there confirmed this. The Restaurant is on the ground floor and has a cosy outdoor setting with a somewhat formal atmosphere. I was fascinated by the high quality cutlery, which looked antique-like (almost made away with a spoon or two 👀 ). We had the mutton rogan gosh with naan and Chicken Tikka with Rice, all which was top-notch! The service, as expected, was also excellent. We sadly didn’t get a chance to visit the roof-top bar, which I hear has a exquisite view of Nairobi city, but that’s on my 2017 to-do list.

Location: Woodvale Groove, Westlands, Nairobi (View on Map)

Lunch @Bamboo, Zen Garden

My Take: If not for anything else, you’ve got check out this place for the ambiance. I don’t know how best to describe it, its got a somewhat East Asian feel (probably Thai) haven’t been to Thailand (yet!) but I think that’s the theme they were going for? So needless to say they’ve got Asian cuisine on their menu, we had Rice(they serve it in a bamboo ‘bowl’ thingy, which I thought was pretty cool) and Cashew nut Chicken. The food was on-point and the service was good too. They could improve on the portions though.

Location: Lower Kabete (View on Map)

Rice, Chicken @ About Thyme Restaurant

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My Take: About Thyme is one of the restaurants that has been on my radar for the longest time. I’ve read so many reviews about the place and had to give it a try. I took my wife there for her birthday, more than a year ago (tells you how late this post is 😦 ). I cannot honestly remember the exact meals we ordered, but I know it was some sort of chicken, served with rice and steak served with potato wedges, I think. The restaurant has an interesting ambiance, the area has a lot of trees, and a nice outdoor setting – best enjoyed on a hot day.

Location: Peponi Road (View on Map)

Fried Rice @ Kapital Coffee

2015-06-14 13.02.59 My Take: Kapital Coffee, Lonrho House, surprises me that I haven’t been to this place until recently. Kapital has been around for a while now, I remember passing by the place before coffee shops were at every corner of the CBD. My date and I had the chicken fried rice, we liked it – most places do fried rice well. Its a hard meal to screw up, maybe I’ll try and have something else at the place and post about it.

Desc: Chicken Fried Rice

Price: Ksh. 500 (Approx)

Location: Kapital Coffee, Lonrho House, Standard Street (view on map)

Cashew Nut Chicken & Fried Rice @Chinese Restaurant


My Take: If you’ve been to Pension Towers, formerly, Loita House, then you know about the Chinese restaurant on the Mezzanine floor… I think its just called Chinese Restaurant. The service and ambience were just…meh…I liked the food though. My date and I had the Cashew nut chicken and Fried rice which was really good, you’ll enjoy it if you like the stir fried, soy sauce manenos
Desc: Cashew nut chicken and Fried rice
Price: Approx: Ksh. 650
Location: Chinese Restaurant, Loita Street (view on map)


Camel and Lavender Rice @ Lavender Restaurant

2015-05-09 18.36.59 2015-05-09 18.35.53


My Take:Yes, you read the title right…Camel meat…who knew, right?! OK, maybe Camel meat is a delicacy in some part of the world, but I in a million years would have never thought of slaughtering those beasts for meat. So, my lovely Mrs and I came across this restaurant along Kindaruma road (and something needs to be done about the state of that road, Christ!!), its one of those places where the owner got too rich for the neighbourhood, moved out and turn the home into a restaurant. It’s quite a large property, with the rooms in the main house serving as private dinning dens…You’ll love them if you are into the Arabic, “let’s seat on some pillows on the floor, cross our legs and eat” scene, we prefer the conventional restaurant scene – yea, I guess we boring, whatever. At the front, there is a tent set up with tables and chairs, for guys like us, we chose to have our meal from there…Know what? Am tired of trying to describe the place… To the food… Camel meat served with Lavender rice…Loved it. The camel meat is not as tough as one would think, of course it’s not as soft as the lamp in arosto, it’s just right. Doesn’t taste too foreign either, closest I can describe it is goat meat, the rice was also good, hasn’t been cooked in like Lavender or anything, I think its just a name, might be wrong though. All in all, we enjoyed the meal, recommend you try out the place.

Desc: Camel meat and Lavender rice

Price:  Camel meat : Approx Ksh.800, Rice: Approx. Ksh. 300

Location: Lavender Restaurant, Hurlinghum (View on Map)