Buffalo Wings @Slims Restaurant

My Take: Most people know Slim’s restaurant for their signature buffalo wings which are apparently a big deal. The Mrs and I went there on a Tuesday night (for the live band, The HashTag Band 👌, every Tuesday from 8pm) and just had to try these wings. Uhmmm…I don’t know whether it was an off night for the chef, but didn’t really feel the wings – there were a tad-bit too tangy for me, like there was too much vinegar, or may be that just how they make them… Well, you could give it a try yourself, you might like it, but personally – meh! I prefer the wings at ArtCaffe. I did enjoy the cold beer though 🙂

PS: Check out Dotty and The HashTag Band every Tuesday at Slims for awesome Jazz music

Location: Lenana Road, Kilimani (View on Map)


Burger and Fries @ Java Coffee House

My Take: I guess you can never go wrong with Burger and fries. It would take quite some effort to screw up something so simple, but that doesn’t mean that all places have the same quality, some do it better than other, one of those places is Java, my wife loves their burgers. Give it a try, guarantee you will not regret, they are served with a choice of fries or salad, or fruits…I think

Desc: Burger and Fries

Price: Ksh. 600 (Approx)

Location: Almost literally everywhere you turn in Nairobi 🙂

BBQ Ribs @ Newscafe


My Take: Pretty cool place to hang out. You’ll probably run into some minor celebrities here, your local news anchor perhaps or the socialite you’ve been stalking on IG. The ambiance is modern, I guess what some would call bourgeois? Kept it simple with fries and pork chops which were really good! As this is a late post (really late) can’t recall much about the food but I know I was not disappointed. The service was exemplary, the ambiance on point and the food/portions were good as well. Definitely a place i would frequent

Desc: Fries and Pork Chops

Location: AdLife Plaza, Ring Road, Opp Yaya Center (View on Maps)

Mixed Grill @ Under the Radar (UTR)

2014-11-18 17.28.16-1
2014-11-19 08.58.58


My Take: Hurlingham has some really nice food joints, one of them being, Under the Radar. Yes, it doesn’t sound like your conventional restaurant name… going ‘Under the radar’ sounds like one is about to get into cloak and dagger mode, but I personally like the name. I like the location too, lots of trees and greenery around. They’ve got gazebos where you can have your meal from, I have to say, the ambience is pretty sweet. I liked their service, the waiters are friendly and pretty fast with the orders and once the food gets to the table, its not disappointing. We had the mixed grill (lamb chop, chicken, steak, sausage and fries), all the meats were well done, soft, juicy and tasty too :-P.

Desc: Lamb chop, chicken, steak, sausage and fries

Price: Mixed Grill: Ksh.1400

Location: Under the Radar, Hurlingham (View on Map)

Chicken @ Steak n’ Ale Restaurant

2014-10-05 06.38.54
2014-09-28 15.25.41

My Take: You know those Sundays when you want to just have a laid back afternoon, sipping on a few cold ones while trying not to think about the Monday a few a hours away?Stake n’ Ale might just be the place you want to do that, if you are on Ngong road with a modest…ish budget. The wet fry chicken is simply delicious, am sure you already salivating at the pics – unless you one of those vegetarian type,errgghh!! Try it out one afternoon, its also a ‘polite’ place for some drinks at night.

Desc: Wet Fry Chicken, Fries, Heineken

Price: Chicken: Ksh.600, Beer: Ksh.250

Location: Steak n’ Ale, Ngong Rd (View on Map)

English Style Fish & Chinese Stir Fry Chicken @ Saape Restaurant

IMG-20140816-WA0011 IMG-20140816-WA0013
My Take: Saape is a bar and restaurant located in the CBD, they also have a branch at the TRM Mall. They both look pretty posh and you get to enjoy the food while sipping on a few brewskies. The service was fine, nothing to complain about and the food was served in good time. I usually don’t go to the same restaurant twice and order the same meal, but the Fish at Saape is the exception to this rule, simply put, its was exemplary. Try it out and wash it down with your favourite drink…Oh yea, the Chicken was great too, but the fish…A1

Desc: English style fish served with Fries & Chinese Stir Fry Chicken with Noodles

Price: English Style Fish: Ksh.600, Chinese Stir fry Chicken: Ksh.700

Location: Saape, Koinange Street, CBD (View on Map)

Chicken Fajitas @Java

Camera Uploads5
My Take: This is hands-down, my favorite meal at Java Coffee House, I’m surprise I’ve taken this long to post it. This is one Mexican dish you just have to try. Their burgers and fries are great too. The service at any Java Coffee House is always good, no matter how busy it gets.(word!!)

Desc: Chicken Fajita (Rice, Beans, Chicken Strips, Guacamole,2 Tortillas)

Price: Chicken Fajita: Ksh.800, Burger & Fries: Ksh.600

Location: Java Coffee House, The Junction (View on Map)